Property Information

This new tower is a highly anticipated mixed-use residential, office and retail space aspiring to be the preeminent tower in Winnipeg’s downtown. Ostensibly clearing forty stories, and encompassing 360 suites, this development would become the largest building in the city, stimulating the mix of residential, retail and professional opportunities in Winnipeg’s downtown. 

Armin Martens:

“This project is the culmination of Artis REIT’s vision for 300 and 360 Main Street at the southwest corner of Portage and Main. It’s a vision that not only supports the existing business community and residences but it provides excellent and exciting opportunities for additional businesses and residences to live, work and enjoy themselves in downtown Winnipeg. We can hardly wait to get started.”

Frank Sherlock:

“This proposed tower has the potential to reach forty stories, providing residential as well as office and mixed-use retail at Winnipeg’s most prominent business district, Portage & Main.

Further details on the development of 300 Main Street will be announced later this year.

300 Main

300 Main Street, Winnipeg Manitoba


Artis REIT
Winnipeg Head Office
Suite 300 - 360 Main Street
Winnipeg, MB R3C 3Z3