Tallest tower in town

April 7, 2016

Artis REIT plans to rejuvenate the Portage and Main area through three phases that Armin Martens, President and CEO of Artis REIT, believes will create the demand to live, work, and visit downtown Winnipeg.

The first phase is to complete the renovation of 360 MAIN’s exterior, building a glass curtain wall and giving the building a facelift.

The second phase is the proposed $165 million project, a 40-storey building comprised of residential, retail, and office space, estimated to the be tallest building in downtown Winnipeg. Martens also mentioned talks of a 25,000 square-foot grocery store on the main level of the rental property or in Winnipeg Square.

The third, and not-so-concrete, phase is a proposed 5-star hotel laid out on the foundation pad of the Winnipeg Square underground shopping mall. REIT is currently in discussions with major hotel chains to gauge interest.

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